Help needed to define what farming actually is

Editor, The News:

Re: Pitt Meadows to market farm brands (The News, April 27).

Reading this report is as clear as mud: “138 farms produce over $58 million in farm gate sales annually? The average farm in the city generates $ 421,844.”

What is this woman talking about? Where are there farms in the city? And which city exactly does she mean?

Some farmers in Saskatchewan with thousands of acres of wheat and other grain productions are lucky to generate $ 421,844.

I wasn’t aware that farms exist in any city.

Furthermore, average revenue per hectare in the ALR in Pitt Meadows is $ 18,832 per, what? Per year, per five years?

I think before reporter Monisha Martins is giving out this information, she should be a lot more specific.

First of all, what constitutes a farmer? How many acres does one have to farm  to be considered a farmer? And what type of products do all these farmers produce?

If you talk about this subject, give us specifics about products and sizes of farms.

As a hobby tree grower, the only real farmers I see are the blueberry and cranberry farmers and a few green houses and perhaps the Hopcott family businesses.

Unless cutting hay is considered farming.

Lance Felgnar

Pitt Meadows