History lesson

No problem for this parent in getting updates on student progress

Editor, The News:

Re: Maple Ridge father demands end to teacher job action (The News, Jan. 27).

I, for one, sincerely wonder what Alan Richards’ agenda really is with this web page.

I too have two kids in the school system and I have had no problem getting updates on the progress of their school year. My wife and I had a meeting with our youngest son’s elementary school teacher as recently as last week. In fact, if you asked my kids, they probably would tell you they have not noticed any change in the school year.

Yes, Mr. Richards, we even had a Christmas concert, two of them, in fact.

I also find it irresponsible for him to suggest that parents are afraid to speak out as they fear retribution on their kids. Seriously? Do you really believe that, Mr. Richards? Give your head a shake, sir. You do a disservice to all educators to even suggest that.

Rather than spending his time creating a sketchy Facebook page as a means of bashing teachers, perhaps he should devote some time to assisting his school PAC with some fundraising.

The public school system is vastly underfunded, mostly due to the work of Christy Clark 10 years ago with the introduction of Bills 27 and 28.

Premier Clark, in her previous incarnation as the minister of education, single-handedly launched a decade of cutbacks and school closures that continue to haunt our school districts today. That is the real issue, Mr. Richards, so a little history lesson for you today. Put that on your Facebook page.

Bill McWhinnie

Pitt Meadows