Hold off on horse poo bags

Editor, The News:

Re: Something needs to be done about horse droppings (Letters, June 24).

I too am a dog owner, with two of them. Me and my family have always picked up after our dogs messes, and so we should. Felicia Paolino’s mention of cats is quite silly as they can be quite discreet and are very seldom, if ever, found on a sidewalk. Yes, they can run loose, as they do not pose a threat to people or animals they may come across (and no, I do not own a cat).

As for horses, I agree they should not be on sidewalks, but nor do we need to bring out the ‘horsey poo bags”.

K. Almond

Maple Ridge


Keep dogs safe

Editor, The News:

It is summertime now and many people still have their dogs roaming free in the back of trucks with no canopy, just an open box. This really bothers me. It is not only not right, but it is illegal.

Debra Keresztes

Pitt Meadows