Hold the Liberals accountable



Editor, The News:

Re:  Dalton recall ‘frivolous’ (Letters, March 2).

I would like to say in response to the assertions made by MLA Randy Hawes that the recall of MLA Marc Dalton may, in his opinion, be politically motivated, but support for the recall is not limited to those who are members or otherwise support the NDP.

You can argue the pragmatism of a recall, you can argue that it, in this case, does fit with his view of the original intent of the legislation. But you cannot argue that it is party politics when such a large number of B.C. residents continue to support the anti-HST cause.

I did not vote for the NDP in the last election, but I am in favour of spending the money for a by-election in order to hold the Liberals accountable for their HST deceit.

Accountability should be a bigger part of the political process, and if the individuals who comprise the government don’t take responsibility in the Legislature, then it seems logical for their constituents to hold them accountable in their riding.

I am glad I have the chance for a voice in this matter. Isn’t democracy great, if not somewhat uncomfortable for those in the Legislature who choose taxation without representation.

Mark Evans

Maple Ridge



Hawes has it wrong


Editor, The News:

Re:  Dalton recall ‘frivolous’ (Letters, March 2).

Liberal MLA Randy Hawes has it all wrong. He says the big issue with the recall is that the legislation was intended to remove an MLA for malfeasance.

While in opposition in 1994, however, Gordon Campbell himself stated: “I think it’s obvious why people demand this legislation. They are tired of politicians who make promises before an election and do the exact opposite after.”

As far as cost, the recall is entirely citizen-driven and responsible for their own funding. Though, if Mr. Hawes wants to talk financial responsibility, I’d like back my portion of the $780,000 the Liberals spent on pro-HST pamphlets they then threw in the garbage and the $240,000 cost of the TV time Mr. Campbell wasted trying to bribe us with an income tax reduction before taking it back upon his resignation.

Mr. Hawes is simply trying to defend his Mission Liberal MLA counterpart using misinformation.

If Mr. Hawes is genuinely concerned about hip-operations, he should spend more time preventing the shutdown of the Mission hospital and less time writing frivolous (and erroneous) letters.

Jon Peters

Maple Ridge



Not trivial


Editor, The News:

Re:  Dalton recall ‘frivolous’ (Letters, March 2).

Liberal MLA Randy Hawes writes that the recall process was brought in to address malfeasance.

The definition of malfeasance is: “a legal or moral wrongdoing.”

Our Liberal party were morally wrong to lie to the people of British Columbia about bringing in the HST before the election, then doing a complete turnaround after it was elected.

This recall is not a trivial matter and neither is the fight for honesty and democracy within our province.

Stan Hutchison

Maple Ridge



Blame the Liberals


Editor, The News:

Re:  Dalton recall ‘frivolous’ (Letters, March 2).

In regards to Randy Hawes stating that the Marc Dalton recall campaign is frivolous, I couldn’t disagree more.

In my opinion, the blame for this entire can of worms (HST referendum and MLA recall campaign) can be placed squarely on the shoulders of the B.C. Liberal Party.

The Liberals chose to lie and mislead the people of the province of British Columbia when they said, just days before the last election that they weren’t considering implementing the HST.

To the dismay of at least 700,000 British Columbians, that was simply not true, and the new MLAs voted in favour of implementing the HST.

This record of poor judgement and bad decisions set our province on the road to where we are today. Our MLAs have had every opportunity to admit that they made a mistake, and start representing their constituents, as they swore they would do in the Legislature.

Gordon Campbell took his chances, and lost.

Mr. Dalton is one of many MLAs in the Liberal Party who, to date, have still refused to acknowledge the error of their ways in the matter of the HST.  It is hurting our economy, as it has since its inception, and it will continue to benefit the rich, while the working people pay the lion’s share.

My family cannot afford as much as last year. We spend less than we used to. This is a negative effect on the economy. We don’t have a choice.

The MLAs of this province do have a choice to make. They can take the side of big business or they can take the side of the families of B.C.

I don’t care which party my MLA belongs to. The day that he or she puts his or her own agenda and career or aspirations ahead of his or her constituents and supports such lies and deceit, that MLA has abused his or her power and should be removed.

Sean Orcutt

Maple Ridge





Editor, The News:

Re:  Dalton recall ‘frivolous’ (Letters, March 2).

I am sure any politician such as Randy Hawes, Marc Dalton and Gordon Campbell would like to feel they are free to do whatever they want once they are elected, with total impunity and regardless whether they represent their constituents, or do anything at all, for that matter.

They seem  to think they are above the law and unaccountable to the people they represent.

But for one moment, let us believe we live in a democracy and that people are allowed to exercise their democratic rights.

These small rights are not extravagant or frivolous, but are certainly better than having to take a gun and registering our discontent with blood.

Mr. Hawes, this exercise in democracy might be frivolous to you, but will cost you nothing as it is paid for totally with voluntary contributions and volunteer participation.

You are right in one aspect: if we are successful, a by-election will cost taxpayers money. But the rewards from that lesson in democracy and job description could be worth 1,000 times the costs to the people of B.C.

At least give us the illusion we live in a democracy. The alternative is truly frightening.

Wayne Clark

Maple Ridge



By design


Editor, The News:

Re:  Dalton recall ‘frivolous’ (Letters, March 2).

Imagine Randy Hawes being concerned about the number of hip operations that could be done based on the cost of a successful recall. Gosh, just think about the number of hip operations that could be done with the $6 million paid to defend Dave Basi and Bob Virk and hide the B.C. Rail scandal.

As far as I am concerned, recall legislation is designed to get rid of liars, cheats, and self-serving creeps who forget that they are employees of the people of British Columbia and replace them with honest dedicated people who know they have been given the privilege of doing the work of the people of this province.

Charles Field

Maple Ridge, B.C.