Hope teachers don’t miss their Pro-D day

Re: HST is the best for public good, The News, Aug. 19.

Nina Fowell says, “As a teacher, I’m obviously not a fan of Gordon Campbell or Christy Clark or any government that shows disrespect to education or health issues.”

Back in 2006, teachers received a $4,000 signing bonus and 16-per-cent wage increase over five years.

One would think she would be a huge fan of Gordon Campbell, but for teachers like Nina Fowell, nothing is ever good enough.

There was a downturn in the economy during the years she was receiving bonuses, decent wage increases and benefits.

I sure hope that Nina and other teachers had a great two months off with pay. School is back Sept. 6 if they are not on strike by then. That would be a shame if they are strike though – they would miss their pro-d day on Sept. 23.

Give me a break!

S. Ogden

Maple Ridge