HST defeat inspiration, proof

Editor, The News:

Re: HST rejected by B.C. voters (mapleridgenews.com).

I would like to congratulate everyone who worked on the Yes campaign to defeat the HST.

For the first time in Commonwealth history, the voters have told their government how they will, or at least how they won’t, be taxed.

That is quite an accomplishment. This is a precedent that will be looked at in the future.

It’s an inspiration and proof that the people united can fight the arrogant or cold-hearted actions of governments that think they can do whatever they want after winning an election.

I bet the B.C. Liberals don’t feel that way anymore. All they need to do now is follow the wishes of the majority, keep their word (for a change) and remove the HST as quickly as they brought it in.

The HST has been suppressing the B.C. economy since the beginning of this recession.  Now, the government says it will take up to 18 months to revert to the PST/GST system because there are some 30 000 businesses that have only known the HST.  Every business in B.C. had to switch to the HST and they only had a few months to do it.  Why would we have to wait for the less than 10 per cent of businesses that have formed since the inception of the HST?

The people on the Yes side spent countless hours and some of their own hard-earned money spreading the word (mostly in person) to the voting public.

The No campaign must be very satisfied that the millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money (they wasted) bought them almost enough votes to save the HST –  45 per cent in favour of a tax that shifts the tax burden from the rich to the poor and working class is a testament to the excellent (propaganda) advertising campaign.

The people have spoken.  The world hasn’t ended.  Let’s move on.

Has anyone seen anything that was promised with the HST?  An increase in jobs?  Higher wages?  Lower prices?  I’m still waiting and wondering when my rebate cheque (that was promised by the government) will come.

Did someone say that the No vote must win for anyone to get any rebates that were promised?

Sean Orcutt

Maple Ridge