HST is the best for public good

Anti-HST motivation political, emotional

Editor, The News:

My vote has been cast and now I await to see if the voters of B.C. cut off their noses to spite their faces.

The reasons I have heard to get rid of the HST are emotional or political – not what is best. People are using it as a political bandwagon to get new voters, to show Gordon Campbell we don’t like him or as a temper tantrum because the government didn’t show the citizens respect in the manner in which they brought it in.

As a teacher, I’m obviously not a fan of Gordon Campbell or Christy Clark or any government that shows disrespect to education or health issues.

However, what is best for the province?

So yes people, if the HST is gone, your coffee and eating out will be cheaper, but your children will pay for it with an already inadequately funded education system, having even less. This will also be true for health care.

Nina Fowell

Maple Ridge