‘I do slow down off bypass’

Pedestrians need to become more accountable for their actions.

Editor, The News:

Regarding Margo Elliott and her fellow seniors, I strongly object to her saying “everybody’s speeding up and nobody stops for pedestrians.”

I do slow down coming off the Haney Bypass and at every intersection if there is a turn being made, and if there are pedestrians, I do stop.

I also object to many of the things Maple Ridge has done to cause slowing down in places where there are already speed limits in place and corners, such as 227th Street and 122nd Avenue, in front of Maple Ridge secondary. I believe these may have caused another set of difficulties. for delivery trucks, RVs and emergency vehicles trying to use the roads.

I believe that pedestrians need to become more accountable for their actions.  How many cross away from corners or just cross without stopping, looking and listening, scaring drivers and causing them to panic?

It would be interesting to know how many jaywalking tickets have been given out in our community.

Alice Sanderson

Maple Ridge