If camp was on your street?

Buck has been passed back and forth for too long, says resident

Editor, The News:

I have watched and listened in disbelief at the goings on, on Cliff Avenue. Surely, there is Crown land or vacant municipal property that the homeless could be moved to temporarily, until a lasting solution can be found.

Mayor and council, you know if the homeless set up tents on your street, something would have been done a long time ago.

You folks and the provincial government have passed the buck back and forth for too long. Now is the time for action.

I expect like the rest of us, the people on Cliff Avenue have to pay their taxes. As taxpayers, they have certain rights: the right to a safe environment, kids able to play outside, freedom to walk their streets.

Many are homeless because of circumstances beyond their control. They need our compassion and respect – but so do the people on Cliff Avenue.

By not taking action mayor and council, your’re promoting frustration, fear, distrust and hatred among the homeless and the neighbours.

This is an ugly and shameful situation that has gone for too long. As a citizen of Maple Ridge, I expect more from our mayor and council.

Marjorie Hautaluoma

Maple Ridge