In business just to collect fines

Editor, The News:

Re: Bylaws leaning on Maple Ridge stores over fines (The News, June 8).

Gerry Briffett sounds like just the kind of model citizen Maple Ridge is looking for these days.

He is promising to remove his banner sign after being given no explanation and only one day to comply or be fined.

Mr. Briffett only asks for an explanation in a letter he sent to council, and wonders why only some businesses are being targeted and others not?

Mr. Briffett has never received a reply to his first letter and is still currently waiting for a response to his second letter.

I think we, as citizens, need to take a step back and really look at what exactly is happening here. Was it really necessary to have abruptly slapped Mr. Briffett with a one day notice of removal?

I should think a more appropriate way in which this could have been handled would have been for the bylaw officer to have visited Mr. Briffett’s business and politely informed him of the intent to revitalize the downtown business section and that council would appreciate his cooperation by removing his banner, which is not in compliance with the current bylaw.

Maybe even thanking Mr. Briffett for his ongoing cooperation in this and explaining all other businesses are being required to do the same.

Maybe it’s just a little too much blah, blah, blah for council and the bylaw office to handle, after all, as lately it seems they are really just in the business of being nasty and collecting fines.

Susan Webb

Maple Ridge