Isn’t evolution grand?

Eye Spitting Tiger, Bushveld, just examples of God’s wonderful creations.

Editor, The News:

A beetle named the Eye Spitting Tiger Beetle (Anthia thoracica) lives in Tanzania, where it actively hunts other insects with its  huge, crushing mandibles, as well as the ability to spray a foul smelling acid from its abdomen into the eyes and mouth of an attacking predator. Its coloration is quite distinctive, as is its stiff and jerky walking movement. All potential predators know enough to give it a wide birth.

A lizard named the Bushveld is also unique. Its hatch-lings coloration is almost identical to the Eye Spitting Tiger Beetle, so this and its jerky and stiff way of walking makes it an effective mimic to the Tiger Beetle.

Therefore, potential predators think they’re seeing a Tiger Beetle and avoid them. This is the result of evolution?

Absolute nonsense.

This is just another example of God’s wonderful creation.

Larry Archer

Maple Ridge