Kanaka Creek isn’t trash creek

Ross Davies

Ross Davies

Editor, The News:

Re: Kanaka Creek second trashiest in Canada, (The News, Aug. 19).

This article begs for clarification. The two Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanups that occurred in 2010 did not actually occur on Kanaka Creek.

One took place in a forested area near Cottonwood Creek, a Kanaka tributary, while the other happened along River Road, to the east of the Riverfront section of Kanaka Creek Regional Park.

Great Canadian Shoreline’s data reflects these two locations, and not Kanaka Creek itself. What is ironic is that the reason Kanaka Creek’s shoreline was not targeted for either cleanup event was because there simply wasn’t enough for the volunteers to do. Metro Vancouver Parks staff, along with a number of volunteers, maintain the shoreline of Kanaka at a high level.

In fact, Kanaka Creek’s shoreline is one of the cleanest you will find anywhere.

Ross Davies

Kanaka Education and Environmental Partnership Society