Kanaka Creek misses out

Year-round school missing out on summer school for elementary students

Editor, The News:

Re: K-Gr. 7 summer school approved (The News, May 15).

Finally, our school district will be holding summer school for elementary students. It’s a long time coming, and way overdue.

The elementary students of previous generations could have benefited with the extra time during summer. We bought remedial workbooks for our children, which were worked on during the two-month summer break.

Summer school was only available to high school students during that time.

The school district has forgotten about Kanaka Creek elementary, though. It operates on a year-round calendar, encompassing three months on and one month off.

It is easier for students to retain learned knowledge by having one month off instead of two in the summer.

The summer school only runs through July.

Kanaka operates all through July, but has August off. Therefore, needy Kanaka students who do not go away on vacation in the summer are not able to attend the enriching summer school in the morning.

What was the school district thinking?

J. Tupper

Maple Ridge