Keep in mind, unions make life better for everyone

A letter about the benefit of unions for better working conditions.

Editor, The News:

I enjoy reading the editorials regularly. The one comment that always seems to make its way into this section is “they should stop whining and just be glad they have a job.”

Under this logic, the working world should just give up and not have a say about anything. Don’t complain about working conditions, the amount of hours that are required of you, and you better not complain about the money and benefits. People who don’t like unions always seem to come back with “they need to see what it’s like in the real world.”

To that I would say union members do know what it’s like in the real world, and they are trying to make things better for everyone.

We have unions to thank for better working conditions, benefits and pensions, a minimum wage, the list goes on. Life is about choices, and certain people work hard, go to school, and have a trade or try to gain employment that will provide their families with these benefits.

Some people cannot comprehend the fact that unions make things better for everyone.

If the teachers don’t care about the students (which some of you complain about) then why were they volunteering time from their lives to do extra-curricular things all these years?

If the teachers can’t do these after-school activities anymore, maybe you should be spending a little more time with your son or daughter …

Oh wait, I forgot, your employer needs you to do more for less. Pity, I guess you should stop whining.


Bill Boscher

Maple Ridge