Kotylaks are an all-around, stellar family

Nathan Kotylak is a member of the national junior water polo program.

Nathan Kotylak is a member of the national junior water polo program.

Editor, The News:

Re: Maple Ridge teen apologizes for role in Stanley Cup riot (mapleridgenews.com).

I would like to speak out about all the negative attention the Kotylaks are experiencing since their son turned himself in to police for his part in the rioting in Vancouver.

They’ve now taken the extreme steps of moving out of their home temporarily.

I know this family, not very well, but we’ve crossed paths over the years in this community.  Their kids have played in sports along with my kids.

The Kotylaks are an all-round stellar family, the kind you’d love to have for neighbours.  Educated and involved in their community, I’m happy to have had them cross my path, and I’m sure their son (and his siblings) will go on to lead productive lives that will continue to benefit the community as a whole.

Their son admitted to engaging in some bad behaviour, he owned up, he apologized, he’s feeling the shame, I’m sure. But let’s not destroy this youth for one bad act.  This one evening does not demonstrate what he’s all about. I, for one, am more than ready to believe that he’s sorry, that he knows he’s done a wrong thing and that he’ll surely never do anything so stupid again.

I wish the Kotylaks well, and I want the family to know that I will stand with them shoulder to shoulder, as they move past this one event.

Maple Ridge is a good family community, and the Kotylaks are a good family. I’m happy to have them as part of my neighbourhood.

I know that at 17, I made some poor choices. Closed circuit TV and cell phones were not around then to capture every waking moment.

So, Nathan, move on kid, you’re still the good kid you were before this one event.

Danielle Dmytrenko

Maple Ridge