Lakota ancestors must be crying about today

Editor, The News:

Re: Frogs settle down when darkness falls (Along the Fraser, May 13).

The article by Jack Emberly should be considered a must-read by all.

According to Mike Stark of Pitt Meadows, a true follower of the Lakota beliefs, we appear to be entering a time of great destruction.

Stark beautifully describes the Katzie Slough wetlands behind his home years ago and the disturbing stark contrast of the present.

He goes on to explain the Lakota belief of the “Great Mysterious” – “There’s a spirit that moves through everything.”

Our Lakota ancestors must be crying when they see what is happening here today.

The Lakota believe that mother Earth is like the human body, with a brain, nervous system and organs that filter out impurities. Blood runs through everything. If there are disruptions,  Earth will become sick and eventually die.

Is there a possible disaster coming sooner than we think?

On the front page of the previous Wednesday’s News, under the picture of the two young girls petting a young gosling (how ironic), is a small in comparison article about Maple Ridge Coun. Al Hogarth is worries about Abbotsford’s plans to tap into Stave Lake for its drinking water. This undertaking could require the cordoning off of both the Alouette and Stave Lake.

Is this something our Lakota ancestors would approve of?

I and a group of other concerned Maple Ridge residents happened to be in attendance at this meeting, related to another matter. I came away from the meeting quite rattled.

This matter should be considered of grave importance to all of us.

Please review these two articles, and I would like to thank Coun. Hogarth for his research into and persistence on the matter.

Susan Webb

Maple Ridge