Let the Liberals pay

Editor, The News:

Re: HST rejected by B.C. voters (mapleridgenews.com).

OK, B.C. Liberal government, cry me a river.

The voters have spoken.  But, no, your tactics now are to scare us all by stating we owe $3 billion by extinguishing the HST, that programs may be cut.

Sorry. One-time drunk driver Gordon Campbell and his cronies in cabinet secretly slipped in the HST, rather than be an honest government and let the people decide.  Now, why don’t they do the right thing, Gordon Campbell and his government cabinet, by forfeiting their salaries and pensions towards this debt.  All the MLAs who  jumped on board and supported the HST, can do the same.

But that’s not the political way in B.C. Instead, Mr. Campbell gets handed an ambassador’s job in England.

Mr. Gordon and his party suck big time. That includes the present. How stupid of me to once be a card holder.

My shredder did a great job on that, and, yes, I had to pay the HST to buy the shredder to do that.

As the saying goes, ‘High five … in the face … with a chair.’

Ron Paley

Maple Ridge