Let’s have some consequences, for once

Nathan Kotylak apologizes for role in riot

Editor, The News:

Re: Can we avoid future riots (Letters, June 22).

Like Elizabeth Rosenau, I wasn’t that surprised by the actions of the rioters.

I am surprised that Mrs. Rosenau feels the need to blame young people’s actions on “government debt, environmental degradation, unemployment, and climate change.”

Are you kidding me?

I think if you asked one of those kids what their thoughts are on any one of those issues, they wouldn’t have one, much less be able to spell the big words.

Older people have been “in the shoes” of these young people. Mrs. Rosenau, when you graduated, there were still problems in this world you didn’t know about. You can’t tell me that everything was rosy. There is no difference when we graduated from when the kids are graduating now, except for more marijuana, date rape drugs, ecstasy, e-this and e-that.

I am tired of hearing about how society causes kids to make the wrong choices. The one thing society has been doing is enabling kids to take advantage of loose laws.  From an early age, re-offenders in the community are taught there are no serious consequences for what they do. How many times does a kid get to steal a car before he ‘gets’ it. There is no regard for other people’s property. They could care less about other people; it’s all about them, and I guarantee their parents taught them this.

I was tired of seeing kids pose for pic’s in front of a store or car they set on fire, seemingly flashing some gang symbol they think is so cool.

So, I don’t think Nathan Kotylak should be allowed to participate on the junior national water polo team. He had to confess, we had his picture. If that picture wasn’t taken, do you really think he would have turned himself in?

It’s time to show that normal people don’t do this kind of thing. Let’s have some consequences for once, and maybe, just maybe, kids will think twice before doing something they know is wrong.

Bill Boscher

Maple Ridge


Create good

Editor, The News:

Re: Teen apologizes for role in riot (The News, June 22).

I have been wondering why this Maple Ridge teen, as well as others who regret their actions, has not taken the opportunity to try and create some good out of this bad situation. Why not form a venue to mobilize ways for those wishing to make restitution to assist or volunteer their time to help in some way?

J.D. Ramsay