Let’s hold out for something better

Editor, The News:

It’s clear that Maple Ridge will be expanding and improving shopping opportunities. The debate about whether this means big-box stores or something more enlightened continues.  

Even New York is facing this conundrum, outlined in a article on Feb. 3 by NBC News: “Protests, worries surround Walmart’s effort to open in Brooklyn.”

 While Walmart may see itself as a saving grace for poorer neighborhoods, bringing jobs and cheaper food and products, a study published in January by Hunter College’s Center for Community Planning showed that America’s biggest discounter may actually make neighborhoods poorer. 

The report found that Walmart kills jobs, drives down wages and is a tax burden because it doesn’t provide health and other benefits to many part-time employees.

This puts a strain on Medicaid and other public health programs.

Let’s consider the more sustainable, vibrant and prosperous options as they are presented to us, and reject those which only impoverish communities in the long run.

Melanie Kerr

Maple Ridge