Letter: A lady with a heart

Letter: A lady with a heart

He was a grey and white cat, and fat.

Editor, The News:

About a month ago, my closest friend passed away.

His name was Charlie and he followed me everywhere in the complex.

He actually adopted me just after my wife passed away. He was a grey and white cat, and fat. I loved him and he was such a comfort to me.

In the morning, I let him out, about 7 a.m., as usual, only this time he did not return. I looked for him, but to no avail.

All day I worried like a father for his children.

Towards the evening, a lady knocked at my door and asked if I was the owner of the cat. I said yes.

She found him in distress and immediately took him to the vet on Dewdney Trunk Road. He passed away there, I think.

I was devistated and cried. So did she. We hugged while her two children looked on.

My mind was not working and I did not get enough information, although I did thank her. She went to a lot of trouble to find me so I would know the outcome.

How many people would do that and not dismiss it as just a cat.?

If she reads this, I would like to show my appreciation with a token gift to this compassionate lady. There are not many who would go through the motions she did.

Bob Kerfoot

Maple Ridge