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If you have a letter you’d like to submit to the editor for consideration, please email us at editor@mapleridgenews.com. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

LETTER: Bridge over Neaves Road a serious traffic concern, too

A Pitt Meadows walker has watched many near fatal incidents because of speeders

Dear Editor,

[Re: LETTER: Abernethy another deadly road in Ridge according to one reader, Nov. 4, The News]

I appreciate that Abernethy [Way] has a speeding issue and it’s a problem.

It should be addressed.

Unfortunately these traffic concerns are low, if not a non-existent, priority for the municipalities.

Another extremely dangerous area is the crossing at the South Alouette bridge for access to the pedestrian dike.

There are signs that say slow to 30 km, but this has little effect.

The truck traffic to the quarry have no regard for the speed limits.

I walk this dike almost daily and have witnessed many close calls.

In both directions over the bridge, most trucks and vehicles are travelling in excess of the posted 60 kms for Neaves Road… but it is posted for slow to 30 kms over the bridge.

When requested to slow with a hand motion many dump truck drivers have no problem expressing their non-verbal reply with their finger.

As a group, there is little regard for pedestrians.

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The municipalities added bike lanes to Neaves Road and this has increased the traffic speed.

The road is in terrible shape and the bridge has recently been repaired… twice because of the abuse these trucks put on it.

The bridge is a blind spot if travelling at high speed.

Unfortunately there was a fatality at this crossing recently.

The Pitt Meadows motto… the natural place… it can be enjoyed if you can avoid and be aware of the traffic.

It’s a hazard that could be addressed… but it won’t be.

Speed bumps should be installed to get traffic to slow or another tragedy will happen.

Tom Potts, Pitt Meadows



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