Share your opinion via email, through our website or in a posted letter. (Heather Colpitts/Black Press Media)

Share your opinion via email, through our website or in a posted letter. (Heather Colpitts/Black Press Media)

LETTER: Dalton’s vote on an abortion policy not at all surprising

But Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows MP should be called out for his stance on Bill C-233

Dear Editor,

[Re: LETTER: Why is Maple Ridge’s MP voting for abortion restrictions? June 14, The News online]

The question that Madeline Leaf asks about why would the Conservative MP [Marc] Dalton not support a woman’s right to control her own body with his vote is backward.

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Because that is what social conservatives do, they oppose a whole range of human rights such as access to abortion which is why I would never vote Conservative for being a reactionary party at its core.

Unfortunately, the question should be why would he?

The Conservative Party has become GOP-lite because that is what its white evangelical base demands. It is anti-science, anti-intellectual, and as anti-human rights as possible to appeal to the low-effort thinkers on the far-right.

It is hardly surprising that [Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows] MP Dalton, whatever his personal opinions are on the subject of abortions, has to appease those who hate the modern morality based on science and human rights and not narrow interpretations of scripture.

The truth will set you free and that is the blunt truth of the matter no matter how upset some might be to have that pointed out to them.

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It wasn’t always that way, but the Reform-Alliance that took over that party under Preston Manning and Steven Harper, has destroyed any influence that red Tories brought to the once respectable former Conservative Party who had conservative views but also a social conscious.

I have become disillusioned with the politics of the left with its support for political correctness which is fanning a backlash. I am a supporter of the traditional centre of politics, a centre that gave us advances in human rights – which the power base of the Conservative Party hate.

Zealotry on both ends of the political spectrum abandons the middle ground.

But I will never abandon hard-fought-for human rights in the face of the reactionary beliefs of the right which ironically are always wrong.

MP Dalton should be called out for his vote, but we should not be surprised by it.

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Robert T. Rock, Mission


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