Submit letters to the editor through our website, via email or in writing.

Submit letters to the editor through our website, via email or in writing.

LETTER: Former councillor shames council about riverfront development

Craig Speirs questioning actions of four who voted in favour of project next to Alouette River

Dear Editor,

[RE: Maple Ridge council approves controversial riverfront subdivision, June 23, The News]

The public can obviously say anything they want, make solid arguments, bare their hearts.

But, if a developer wants to do something inappropriate, like the 240th development on the Alouette, they will have their way.

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I don’t want to criticize all of council, Councillors Gordy Robson, Kiersten Duncan, and Ahmed Yousef have been consistent and thoughtful in their approach to this development, placing the community and our beautiful and historic Alouette River at the centre of their decision.

However, Councillors Judy Dueck, Chelsa Meadus, and Ryan Svendson voted in favour – in a close 4-to-3 vote. And I don’t know what Mayor Mike Morden was thinking, but it wasn’t about our neighbours, our citizens, our history, or our future. Very short sighted.

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Make no mistake, this was a decision for the few and against the public interest.

This council’s real agenda has been revealed, and it’s development at any cost.

Craig Speirs, Maple Ridge


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