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LETTER: Hoarders, greed must be stopped

Pitt Meadows letter writer joins call for civility and an end to panic buying

Dear Editor,

I am writing to offer my opinion that as a species we are showing our failure rate and it is not surprising, just astounding.

‘Precautions’ for shopping and having a reasonable amount of necessary food and goods on hand (for earthquake it was a paltry 72 hours) has turned into a panic buying, retailer gold rush bonanza level apocalyptic free for all.

Instead of stores being sensible early on with limits on everything from rubbing alcohol and Purell to non-perishable goods and cleaners, they put things on discount with no limits per customer.

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Now shelves are bare and anyone who thought people would be reasonable with buying are in for a shock.

Bare shelves. Vitamin C online from Walmart at $50 a bottle.

Governments need to demand that all retailers put reasonable limits on all goods, and remind people that there is no food or toilet paper shortage, and that by panic buying we are creating our own shortages.

Retailers need to quit being profiteers and start being members of communities, ensuring that there are basic food stuffs and staple goods and medicines for everyone.

Darlene Mercer, Pitt Meadows


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