(Black Press files)                                The Golden Ears Bridge.

(Black Press files) The Golden Ears Bridge.

Letter: I think road taxing is a stupid idea

Bring back speed cameras and radar checks.

Editor, The News:

People are happy that the bridge tolls have gone. Do they actually believe the present government is not equalizing this revenue loss somewhere?

With gigantic bills fighting fires, losses in the millions at ICBC, someone has to pay the piper. There is also talk about road taxes.

Well, I don’t know what the higher-ups are thinking about, but road taxes could be even more expensive than bridge tolls, depending on the cost per kilometre.

In the end, the commuters traveling the furthest distance to work will obviously pay the most. I think road taxing is a stupid idea.

With the constant complaints by the public about speeding and single-vehicle accident fatalities, the most logical answer would be, bring back speed cameras and radar checks.

It has long been known that drivers in the Fraser Valley don’t pay attention to speed limits. It doesn’t matter if the speed is 60, 80 or 100 km/hour – 90 per cent of the drivers I have observed couldn’t care less about speed limits. I am being passed everywhere.

I have been passed on Harris Road or Dewdney Trunk Road towards the bridge, drivers have passed on double lines, single lines, school zones, you name it.

If all these speed freaks are so important to disregard the law, then let them pay for speeding.

I think there is a gigantic revenue potential for the government and it gives them a chance to balance the books.

Lance Felgnar

Pitt Meadows