Tribute from James Longridge.

Tribute from James Longridge.

LETTER: Justice for Jassi might finally be coming

Former principal deserves accolades for effort to keep Sidhu’s memory alive

Dear Editor,

It was so good to see the full page last week from the former principal of Pitt Meadow’s Secondary, James Longridge.

I could feel his pain as it was years before we actually saw Justice for Jassi starting to come alive and we were outraged.

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And to hear her cousin utter those words enraged us even more. Who deserves to die like this?

In this day and age it’s difficult to fathom that at one point certain cultures felt that way.

Hopefully things have changed, as we hope things have changed everywhere and a complete revolution of culture is now taking place.

Complete vindication has still not taken place for Jassi, we can only hope justice will be done.

I remember during that time, it felt like the mother and uncle had gotten away with it. Thank you to the RCMP for their tireless pursuit and staying on the case.

Michael Tuzzi, Maple Ridge



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