Affordability and lack of housing options remain key concerns in the community. (Colleen Flanagan/The News)

Affordability and lack of housing options remain key concerns in the community. (Colleen Flanagan/The News)

LETTER: Maple Ridge council needs to dictate housing, not developers

Developers should not be dictating community plans and developments, letter writer argues

Dear Editor,

[Re: Housing should benefit all, March 4, The News]

This is very important information.

“Council says we have to provide more housing choices.”

I humbly submit the current developments have more emphasis on making the most money for developers than providing more choices.

In fact, the new developments I see, such as 240th Street, near 112th Avenue, Dewdney Trunk Road west of 232nd Street, and Dewdney Trunk west of 224th Street, and Lougheed Highway from Telosky park to the Haney Bypass (down the hill), for example are so much alike I wonder if they all have the same floor plan.

They are so close together, I expect the only thing they can see out their window is their neighbour’s window. Not a tree or grass, or even the sky in sight.

I doubt that any of the units could comfortably accommodate someone with mobility issues, those on low income, or aging in place.

They also are not really suitable for young families as there is no place to play outside – within sight of their homes.

Much citizen- and staff-time was spent on creating the Official Community Plan in 2005. It was a good plan. But, ever since, I dare say, most of our city time and money is spent on changing it, usually at the behest of developers.

Anything that will make the developers more money. Everything to cram in more units, totally ignoring the importance of green space and nature to human health.

We need a council that will listen to citizens and say “This is what we want, now who will build it?” rather than developers saying “This is what we want. Let us do it now.”

It is worth reading the March 4 letter, and remember it when you vote in the next election.

B. Rolls, Whonnock


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