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LETTER: Maple Ridge resident defends Canadian cultural identity

Resident feels this country is broken

Dear Editor,
It's July 1, 2024 and why is it "okay" to wreck, tear down or spray-paint old statues our grandfathers and great grandfathers grew up around and marched past on the way to both World Wars and Korea?
They represent the Canada they were fighting for.
I also wonder what they would have done to those that are doing it or to those that are letting them get away with it if it happened on their watch in their time. It's not hard to figure out.
What would happen today if people in British Columbia were wrecking or spray painting totem poles or other culturally important markers of our history and heritage? That's not hard to figure out either.
The Canada I grew up respecting is suffering a death by a thousand cuts. I'm not convinced I should be celebrating that, and it's not a version of Canada I can feel loyal to.
But I have the right to try to preserve and enhance and share my Canadian cultural Identity as I see fit regardless of the politically correct politicians and their minions. Given that right now the same scenario is playing out in every English-speaking country and almost every European country suffering the negative effects of too much mass migration. It's not just our country that's broken and in need of fixing, it's all of Western civilization, and I believe, it's going to be fixes. The people will fix it.
Bill Bishop, Maple Ridge