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LETTER: Maple Ridge resident has questions about why asking mayor questions costs $30

People invited to put questions to mayor for chamber of commerce event
Maple Ridge Mayor Dan Ruimy spoke at the torch-lighting ceremony for the 2024 BC Summer Games. (The News files)

Dear Editor,

[Re: Got questions for Dan?, The News, April 19]

In regards to the article, I in fact do have a couple of questions but am not prepared to spend $30 to ask.

How does an event like this present itself as an opportunity to publicly answer burning questions that we may have for the mayor if we have to pay $30 to attend, and any questions we would like to ask will be pre screened and approved?

How about a public forum where all can attend for free and ask questions from the floor? Wouldn’t that fit more into the open ($30) transparent (pre-approved questions) that the mayor touted during his election campaign?

Just asking.

Dennis Kinsey, Maple Ridge


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