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LETTER: Maple Ridge resident urges motorists and cyclists to focus on safety

Road users have to share the space
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Dear Editor,

I ride my bicycle daily to and from work every day seven days a week, and drivers are not polite all the time.

There are car honks and unpleasant words said to me by drivers. All drivers that non-motorized bicyclists on all city streets have the same right to be on the streets with motorized vehicles.

Honking vehicle horns at cyclists is illegal and stated clearly in driver’s manuals as prohibited.

Cyclists can report a vehicle’s licence plate to ICBC or the RCMP for fines or charges to be made against the driver.

All motorists who are offended by a cyclist’s road manners should contact the RCMP to file a complaint with as much description of the offensive cyclist’s road behaviour.

Instead of being vigilante let the RCMP contact the cyclist to issue a warning or fine or further action. This is a less dangerous and less provocative way to respond to offensive cyclists.

Nick Garai, Maple Ridge


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