Share your opinion via email, through our website or in a posted letter. (Black Press Media files)

Share your opinion via email, through our website or in a posted letter. (Black Press Media files)

LETTER: Maple Ridge resident wants politicians to work for all residents, not just wealthy

The current housing crisis was years in the making as politicians ignored needs, letter writer says

Dear Editor,

Re: [Our View: Housing fix needed, The News, March 11]

I couldn’t agree more with the Our Views editorial in The News.

Having volunteered close to 10 years ago our city’s social planning committee, working on the Housing Action Plan, stressing the desperate need for more affordable housing, why were our concerns ignored?

“Homelessness shouldn’t be part of the ‘new normal.” It wasn’t this way when I grew up in Montreal has a child. So, what happened?

I believe it is a direct result of the right-wing agendas of the politician’s who are serving the interests of the predatory capitalists, like Paul Martin, then minister of housing, who slashed Canada’s housing programs.

Easy for a multi-millionaire to do to please his corporate friends on Bay Street.

Well, we know where he got his election money from, don’t we!

How is this “real democracy” when your elected politician’s are bought and serve the interests of the big money boys?

And, who gets to pay the price for this?

The thousands of poor who are driven onto the streets by these mean-spirited policies of the so-called democratic politicians! Gordon Campbell and his B.C. Liberals for another!

Where’s the balance when thousands of Canadians our living on our streets in this so-called democracy.

John E. McKenzie, Maple Ridge


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