A protective mask hung on a front door. (Black Press Media files)

A protective mask hung on a front door. (Black Press Media files)

LETTER: Mask just another piece of required clothing

Reader calls for common sense to protect all from COVID-19

Dear Editor,

This is to the people who resent mandating masks in the fight against COVID-19.

We are in a war.

We have been invaded by an invisible army, and our only weapons are vaccines, masks, distance, and common sense.

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Perhaps you do not realize we have been mandated all our lives to wear clothes. Try going naked anywhere in public, and see what happens?

We have had to wear clothes all our lives, and you complain about having to wear a mask at times – wearing a mask to help save other people from getting COVID-19, as well as yourself.

Pity you lost your common sense.

Stan Hutchison, Maple Ridge

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