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LETTER: Pitt Meadows underpass shouldn’t be local taxpayers’ burden

Rail company main beneficiary of the project so it should pay for it, letter writer says

Dear Editor,

[Re: City still seeking underpass funding, The News, Nov. 3]

It’s more than commendable that the City of Pitt Meadows mayor and council are pressing forward and pursuing funding for the CP Rail underpass project.

This is a David and Goliath task.

I am dismayed, however, that our Member of Parliament Mark Dalton has chosen to remain silent and not speak to the concerns of his constituency through the long period that this has been an issue.

Transportation is a federal jurisdiction; he is a Member of Parliament, our federal representative.

Why should we as taxpayers be expected to pony up such a large sum of money to promote the business of a private company which stands to gain more from this project than the citizens it will seriously impact.

Are we to become another Lac Megantic if CP Rail is able to realize all that it wants this project to fulfill?

Marcia Anderson, Pitt Meadows

EDITOR’S NOTE: Dalton has been working on the issue, too:

City of Pitt Meadows votes not to become a funding partner in underpass project