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If you have a letter you’d like to submit to the editor for consideration, please email us at editor@mapleridgenews.com. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

LETTER: Pointing out an issue is not ‘shaming,’ reader argues

Duncan has been as strong advocate for the community, and hopefully can continue in that role

Dear Editor,

I just read the letter regarding Councillor Kiersten Duncan and the story written in the paper a very one-sided report in my opinion.

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I personally watch every workshop and council meeting, I have noticed Coun. Duncan nodding off and being confused at meetings, bringing up the wrong issues to the wrong agenda amd asking city staff to clarify things over and over.

If you watched the special meeting Nov. 23, you will see her nod off again.

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I am concerned, Coun. Duncan either needs to take some personal time to get herself together, or step down.

People on Facebook and in the paper seem to think this is shaming. How can it be shaming when all meetings are livestreamed for all to see.

Councillors make important decisions for our city and need to be awake and aware during meetings and make decisions for all Maple Ridge residents.

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I hope all the best for Coun. Duncan, and hope she works through whatever is going on as she is very passionate about equality, inclusion, mental health, persons with disabilities.

It would be sad for her not to be able to continue speaking up for these issues.

R. Stimpfl, Maple Ridge



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