Readers were asked to share why they love B.C. (Black Press Media files)

Readers were asked to share why they love B.C. (Black Press Media files)

LETTER: Provincial flag holds special meaning for Maple Ridge woman

A few readers shared their thoughts about British Columbia

[RE: B.C. Love – Tell us why you love this province and you could win, July 29, The News online]

This was one of the replies. And Antoinetta DeWitt took it one step further and shared why she love “the beautiful B.C. flag,” in particular.

Dear Editor,

A flag identifies us as a group of people living on common land, working together to cultivate our lives, build our families, our businesses, and our communities.

Yes, we are called British Columbia and there is a British symbol on our flag; that symbol reminds us about how we got started as a province.

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At that point, when we became a province, we had a choice – make it work or let it fail.

This past weekend we can proudly stand tall and celebrate the work of those before us and the work we have done since, including our ever growing understanding of the values of diversity, climate change, Indigenous, interprovincial and national relations; family and friends; and, keeping our neighbourhoods and communities as impressive as the rays of the shining sun on our stunning and beautiful British Columbia flag!

Happy B.C. Day!

Antoinetta DeWit, Maple Ridge


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