Letter: Push needed for employment opportunities

The attention, obsession and taxpayer dollars that go into the little shopping district of downtown Maple Ridge is astounding.

Editor, The News:

Re: ‘Significant subsidy’ (Comments).

Jackie Chow has made some very excellent points. No wonder taxes keep escalating. Maple Ridge is now designated a city – the hub of which is 224th Street.

The attention, obsession and taxpayer dollars that go into this quaint little shopping district is astounding.

It is delusional to believe people from other cities or municipalities are going to come far distances to shop on 224th St. They might come once a year to check out if anything has changed. It’s considered a small town curiosity, like Fort Langley.

Yet an enormous amount of time, energy and taxpayer dollars are spent on this small area.

Little Pitt Meadows has a mega cinema complex and huge mall.

In west Maple Ridge, we shop there, as well as Langley and Port Coquitlam.

The only people who would benefit from a car friendly downtown are the residents who live around there.

I  do not agree with all the recreation facilities and anymore money and attention being given to downtown.

Every morning the intersection at Lougheed Highway and 200th Street cars are backed up for miles for people to go out to work or shop and every evening they come back. It’s an exodus of revenue and talent.

Before any more taxpayer dollars go to museums, recreation or the beautification” of 224th St., there  must be a major push for business development to further employment opportunities and tax revenue for beleaguered taxpayers

Cherryl Katnich

Maple Ridge