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If you have a letter you’d like to submit to the editor for consideration, please email us at editor@mapleridgenews.com. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

LETTER: Reader believes businesses mandating masks should be providing them to shoppers

Companies should absorb cost of face covers for kids and adults alike who forget or can’t afford them

Dear Editor,

I am all for wearing masks and having them be mandatory in settings where social distancing is not possible and/or is indoors.

However stores should be providing disposable masks to customers who may have forgotten one at home or don’t have the ability to get one themselves.

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Telling people that they cannot shop until they go to customer service and purchase a mask is akin to charging a fee to shop at your store, and stores that charge fees to shop there have to follow other government guidelines that they are not doing.

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If a place like Walmart cannot afford to give out a few masks every now and then to a child who forgot theirs or someone who cannot afford the extra cost of a mask, then they must be doing something wrong.

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Perhaps their “profit-first mentality” isn’t working anymore.

Stop trying to take advantage of the pandemic for a little extra profit.

Chris Mulvena, Maple Ridge


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