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If you have a letter you’d like to submit to the editor for consideration, please email us at editor@mapleridgenews.com. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

LETTER: Taxpayer calls for a reality check on proposed tax hike

Maple Ridge ponders raising property taxes, writer suggests council take 6 months off without pay

Dear Editor,

[Re: Maple Ridge council considers budget with 3.6% property tax increase, Nov. 28, The News]

I believe that the mayor and most of council need to take six months or more off, without pay, maybe longer.

The idea of a tax increase on the residents of Maple Ridge for the year 2021 is very heavy-handed, considering we’re in a pandemic a lot of people don’t have work, I’m not sure [if they] even have [nough] to pay their rent.

And yet, this council and mayor find it perfectly okay to raise our taxes by a total of almost five per cent.

With all the new developments and properties and taxes from those new properties and homeowners in those properties, I believe there’s more than enough money to carry us through a year – to give the taxpayers of Maple Ridge some room to breathe!

With the amount of money coming into the coffers from all these new developments of properties and additional property owner taxes without a raise – [it should] far exceeds anything Maple Ridge has had in years coming in.

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I see only one councillor attempting to stand up for the taxpayers of Maple Ridge and show some decency, compassion, and realistic ideas on taxation for the upcoming year.

And, from what I understand, even that councillor was out voted to increase the taxes.

Let’s not forget this greedy move Maple Ridge taxpayers.

One prime example is the conditions of the roads throughout the town core… maybe the mayor and council should drive around the streets a bit. I can’t imagine paying for a new condominium and driving down to a ugly patchwork of a road for my large investment!

Time for a reality check?

Concern taxpayer.

Russ Dunaway, Maple Ridge



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