Rich Goulet in 2015. (THE NEWS/files)

Rich Goulet in 2015. (THE NEWS/files)

Letter: ‘The road to success is always under construction’

Rich Goulet was a brilliant teacher of the game with meticulous detail in every aspect.

Editor, The News:

Re: Hall-of-fame Pitt Meadows basketball coach ‘fired.’

As years pass, there is reflection in one’s self-journey and those involved in helping carve the path. Notable individuals on my list are those who helped build character, work ethic and passion for success.

For myself and many others, a well-known basketball coach is at the top of this list. Rich Goulet was not only a master craftsman at coaching, but someone who helped activate and build grit in almost everyone who joined his program.

For someone who shaped one of the most celebrated basketball programs in the province while putting both PMSS and the district on the map many years over, he deserves more than a shove out the door.

I was fortunate to play for Pitt during the 1991-92 seasons. It all started when I witnessed the incredible provincial final win against MRSS in ‘89.

I was attending the school for the highly respected music program and decided to split my time with basketball.

The few years following that ‘89 win brought together an extremely dedicated group of athletes. We went to the provincials two years in a row, including the final against Steve Nash in ‘92. We lost that final, but the lessons getting there are with us for life.

For me, basketball came with tons of hurdles with plenty of pain, huge triumphs, disappointing moments and, of course, Coach G pacing back and forth, screaming my name on game day.

His intensity metre was always red lining. He never wavered and I always knew what we were in for. It was truly awesome.

His commitment to each individual while supporting their path to excellence was unprecedented. His methods of mentoring blended perfectly with a known phrase he gravitated towards: “The road to success is always under construction.”

To some from the outside, a drill sergeant pacing the sidelines could be perceived as controversial. I get it. From the bleachers, he could come across as a complete nut.

This was far from it.

He was a brilliant teacher of the game with meticulous detail in every aspect.

Mr. Goulet definitely was not an armchair coach. At times, he was so close in my face, spit would fly past my peripheral vision.

His half time speeches were notorious and hard to stomach at times, but everything said was on point and always the truth. He told it how it was. We need more of that today.

I’ve worked with some extremely passionate and dedicated people in companies that span Microsoft to Disney. That said, I have never met another person as dedicated and passionate about their craft as Mr. Goulet.

He is one of a kind.

Unfortunately, what has transpired is a sign of the times. Helicopter parenting and entitlement is a major problem in today’s generation.

School District No. 42 should be ashamed of how this was handled.

I know all us alumni have only huge respect and gratitude for all the work he did for us and that’s what really counts.

Thanks, Coach G.

Jason Owen

South Delta