Letters: Along the yellow brick road

Maybe this bedroom community has been asleep long enough.

Editor, The News:

Re: Take ownership of expenses (Letters, Feb. 7).

Sometimes when you provoke a politician for explanations, you get enough wind to fill your sails, but you get no closer to home.

Sometimes all you get is folk tales.

And that’s all right if you just want to be lulled to sleep. But maybe this bedroom community has been asleep long enough. Stop the urban sprawl, y’all.

You should pay attention to what’s going on down at the wizard’s factory in the heart of our own emerald city. Commuting down this yellowing brick road is damn near impossible and getting impossibler. I have to wonder how the wizard rationalizes putting more and more houses in this town. It’s making me curiouser and curiouser.

But the wiz keeps granting more sprawl to the north and the east, while the wicked witch of the west does her best to sweep away all those who say nay. Where will it all end, I say.

I wonder what we might find if we watched a few council meetings, thinks me. What a surprise to my eyes, and to all that care to see, it turns out the wizard is not a wizard at all.

Grant Baker

Maple Ridge