Letters: Bravo, for getting involved

Writer applauds mayor and council for taking stand on possible quarry site in Sheridan Hills

Editor, The News:

Re: ‘Be impartial’ (Letters, March 25).

You have to be kidding me. This issue is massively important to and will affect all residents of Pitt Meadows.

This includes our mayor and council, who, in case you have forgotten, are residents just like you and me, many of whom have lived in this community for many years.

They, too, happen to believe, very strongly, that the destruction and loss of Sheridan Hill is beyond criminal.

This loss will affect all who live here and in many ways.

Pitt Meadows is fondly known as “The Natural Place.” What is natural about the destruction of one of the most beautiful areas in Pitt Meadows?

I have questions about hazards from the existing quarry.

I shake my head to think of the environmental threats posed by the proposed new one.

This has to stop.

Really, you want us all to believe that this is an area of transparency and about being impartial?

Mayor John Becker and fellow councillors have joined this fight as individuals and as politicians that represent the residents who elected them.

I, for one, am proud that this group has taken the initiative to get involved on behalf of the community, not to just sit up at the helm and watch things happen.

It is important that those who are elected to lead us are also willing to represent us at every level of government,  both in this matter and in others.

That is why Doug Bing, our elected MLA, is also joining the fight, both personally and politically.

He has committed to the people in this community that he will fight the fight both with us as a resident and for us as our elected MLA, by representing us at senior levels of government.

The decision regarding this quarry application is not being made by our mayor or city councillors. This is a provincial decision, which will affect everyone in our community.

There is no conflict here and certainly no issue of transparency.

Each of them individually has vast knowledge and experience that can assist the community as together we all stand up and fight against the destruction of such an important piece of both our and Katzie heritage, past and present.

They are helping us protect our future.

And, really, the mayor should not comment on an issue affecting his neighbourhood?

So then no elected official should comment on our transportation, the North Lougheed Connector , shopping proposals, the newly proposed transit tax?

These matters and many more will all affect Mayor Becker and fellow councillors. But they should not comment?

Why then do we elect them to represent us?

We should not have Mayor Becker speak or lobby for better transit in our city if the increase in bus routes just happened to affect his neighbourhood?

We are a small community, but with very big heart.

The petition opposing the proposed quarry is at city hall, for those interested in signing it.

Log on to www.savesheridanhill.com for more information, or visit the Save Sheridan Hill page on Facebook.

This new council and mayor promised us change.  They promised to be open and transparent. They promised to listen. They promised to help build a strong community.  You can’t do that by sitting on the sidelines.

S. Sigmund

Pitt Meadows