Letters: ‘Deficit necessary’

Canada has the lowest corporate tax rate of all of the G-7 nations, even lower than the U.S.

Editor, The News:

Re: Budget doesn’t balance itself (B.C. Views, March 30).

I just had to respond to Tom Fletcher’s column on the federal Liberal’s budget.

I think that at this particular time, given that Canada is experiencing a recession (a depression for some Canadians) that this budget deficit is necessary.

Our economy should pick up in the next couple of years. I truly believe it will, and that should help out with the deficit.

One thing I would like to point out with these mouthpieces of the corporately controlled think-tanks is that they never mention one thing that could help the situation of deficits, and that is to raise the corporate tax rate slightly.

Canada has the lowest corporate tax rate of all of the G-7 nations, even lower than the U.S.

I suggest that we raise it by three percentage points to 18 per cent, and this would help all of us out.

Well, I can hear the howls of all of the these CEOs of the various corporations. They will have none of this; and their lapdog journalists will go to work trying to convince Canadian’s that there is no other alternative to their position.

Their job (the think-tanks across Canada, like the Fraser Institute, and there are plenty more,) is to manage the consciousness of the people at large, to make you think the way they want you to think.  And, they do it very well.

For more on this topic, please read one of Donald Gutstein’s books on the control that these think-tanks wield in Canadian society.

I believe that there is an alternative, and that is to share the wealth of our great land with Canadians, and that is what this budget is attempting to do.

Justin Trudeau has my full support in doing this, and it is time to expose the myths propagated by the corporate elites of our world.

John E. McKenzie

Maple Ridge