Letters: If pay regardless, why plebiscite?

Fear mongering has never worked to persuade me of anything other than those doing so must be hiding something.

Editor, The News:

Well, as an American president said in one of his debates: “Here we go again.”

With the transit tax increase campaign in full swing (heavily weighted in favour of the Yes side with limitless taxpayer dollars to buy ads in major newspapers, radio stations and even popping up on the Internet), I see stories in various media which seems to indicate if we do not approve this increase we will pay another way.

Some suggestions: raising property taxes, road tolls, mileage driven annually on your ICBC policy renewal and even threats from the heads of emergency services, (police, fire and paramedics), that people will die if these taxes are not approved.

Fear mongering has never worked to persuade me of anything other than those doing so must be hiding something in order to come out with such desperate remarks.

If we are going to be forced to pay, no matter the results of the plebiscite, then why waste the money on all the ads and the mail-in vote itself?

Just go straight to our wallets by way of forced debits from B.C. Hydro bills, property tax increases, increased sales tax, road tolls and charge for distance travelled on an annual basis. I’m sure if TransLink was to add pennies to each of my suggestions, the overall burden would be minimal to the taxpayer and we would not be shelling out millions of dollars to convince us we are a ‘democratic society.’

If we were, TransLink would abide by the results, and we all know that’s not going to happen.

Mike Boileau

Maple Ridge