Letters: Just really tired of teachers

Yes, there are children who do have special needs and they do need the extra help.

Editor, The News:

Re: Time for teachers to avoid psychological labelling (Letters, March 5).

Well said, Anne Rostvig.

I, too, am tired of the labelling of children.

Moreover, the parents who wear their child’s label as a badge, as if to say it’s not their fault.

Yes, yes, yes, there are children who do have special needs and they do need the extra help.

Also, from the responses I have heard when I have asked teachers-to-be why they want to teach – I have hard first and foremost ‘you get the summers off and two weeks in the spring.’

So, it would make sense that teachers would prefer a drugged and passive classroom until their next days off come – which are seemingly more and more and more.

Suffice it to say, I am tired of hearing about teachers, how hard they work, how little they get paid, how big their classes are.

Go get a different job then.

Then there’s the Maple Ridge Teachers’ Association – like I said, I am truly tired of anything regarding teachers.

S. Shea

Maple Ridge


No small amounts for scrap metal recyclers

Editor, The News:

Re: Scrap metal recycler may be forced to move (The News, March 5).

I fully support businesses in Maple Ridge.

I am a business owner.

A while ago, I had a three-inch piece of copper ground wire cut off my building.

The thief got $1 and I got a $450 bill.

I know of others who have lost a lot more.

I support these businesses.

I do not support a scrap metal dealer who can not afford to follow regulations to monitor sellers.

If he can not afford  to run a business with that added cost, then he should close down.

Regulations should be tighter, not less.

For instance, scrap metal buyers should not be allowed to buy small amounts of scrap metal or any from private citizens who have not been carefully checked up on.

If you want to dispose of small amounts of metal, the recycling centre takes it for free – so thieves will not go there.

Donated metal to recycling  supports the recycling workers.

So closing down may cost some jobs, but gain jobs elsewhere.

Dan Banov

Maple Ridge


Watch out crossing Dewdney at 223rd

Editor, The News:

After walking the downtown core for 14 years, I must say that I appreciate all the walk signals that have gone up to protect us, especially the one on 224th Street, where it gives us seniors, who are admittedly slow, time to get across.

However, I must point out one failure – the intersection of 223rd Street and Dewdney Trunk Road, between the bargain store and paint shop.

I used to use it, but never again.

The last time, going north to south, I was nearing the middle and a car travelling east had no idea I was there. I actually pushed the walker out in front of me and he came to a skidding stop.

My son, who is visiting us, was almost hit the other day  and would have been if he did not have the foresight to jump back.

Be aware, people, this is a dangerous one, especially in rush hour.

I really think it is time that we put in a pedestrian operated signal there. And don’t forget, it takes some of us longer to cross that distance.

Bob Kerfoot

Maple Ridge