Letters: Let’s stop playing catch-up

Maple Ridge is growing, it’s not the bedroom community it once was

Editor, The News:

Re: Haney Bypass needs help (Letters, Feb. 17).

Thank you, Doris Buxton, for bringing attention to the traffic light situation on the Haney Bypass.

I’ve just always assumed there is no left turn light on the bypass because it would impede the flow of traffic.

But who knows. I am curious as to how often traffic problem areas are reviewed by the city.

I have always wondered why the crosswalk signs on Dewdney Trunk Road along 222 to 224 streets are not a lit? There was the expense of putting in the fixtures, but they don’t indicate if a person is crossing, so the driver is basically being warned there could be a person in the crosswalk.

I can’t count how many times I’ve watched a person begin to cross and a driver not slowing down or just not paying attention to the crosswalk sign above.

Just curious.

The instersection at  216th Street Street and Dewdney Trunk Road, how many accidents have to clog up morning traffic before a turn light is installed there?

Love that Walmart came to Maple Ridge. It’s natural then to expect the increase in traffic turning left off Dewdney Trunk Road into Walmart or crossing east on Selkirk Avenue.

So when will that be reviewed?

Maple Ridge is growing, it’s not the bedroom community it once was, especially now that we have our own Walmart, and with that comes an increase in local traffic.

Let’s stop playing catch-up.

Dalene Lazarenko

Maple Ridge