(Christina Korimort/Special to The News)

(Christina Korimort/Special to The News)

LETTERS: Mixed reaction to joke on Maple Ridge sign

Response is coming from across the country to a letter to the editor opposing liquor store signage

Editor’s Note: The following are a series of short letters sent in from readers, far and near, in regards to a Maple Ridge woman’s reaction to a joke on the sign of The Office liquor store. Due to the language in some submissions, not all the letters could be included.

[RE: Appalled by liquor store joke, June 11, The News]


Dear Editor,

I live just down the road from the Office. I enjoy their signs, a bit of humour now and then.

As a recovering addict, I have no problem with this, “Sometime i drink water to surprise my liver.”

One thing I learned in recovery is not to take myself so serous.

AND if I am offended by a bit of humour (whether I like it or not), maybe I need to look at myself again.

After all my problems started with “its all about me” and thinking the whole world had to meet my needs and expectations.

Adrian Schuurmans, Maple Ridge


Dear Editor,

I’m pretty easy going but that sign is horrible.

It’s sending a terrible message to children and young adults.

Huge lack of social responsibility.

I won’t shop there anymore because of this.

Val Morris (occasional shopper), Surrey


Dear Editor,

I currently suffer from addiction.

I am a recovering alcoholic and drug abuser. I think that sign Is exactly what is needed.

During this time with the pandemic I do believe we should be able to laugh at ourselves. A good laugh is what is needed.

I am sure many will feel the same way. As a person who suffers from alcoholism, I find no offence to this whatsoever.

I think it is just what people needs the lighter side.

No I have no idea why this woman would be insulted by this but hey that’s what makes the world go round.

Tim Meldrum, Aldergrove


Dear Editor,

It’s a joke. Self deprecating. Drinkers and non-drinkers can have a laugh. We all need a laugh now.

Anna Zachariah, North York, Ont.


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