Anita Place homeless camp. (THE NEWS/files)

Anita Place homeless camp. (THE NEWS/files)

Letters: Not helping doing what we are doing

Low-barrier housing isn’t probably a responsible decision.

Editor, The News:

Homelessness, what do I think should be done? A hard question to have an opinion about without being criticized by someone.

I would say the current approach is not working. We are not really helping these folks doing what we are doing, and that should be our main goal.

Everyone of them is someone’s dad, mom, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, or child. Some have no place to go because of bad luck, mental health issues, drug addition due to mental health issues, some poor choices.

They all need help.

I think we really need to get down to doing just that.

Riverview had it’s down side, but also did a lot of good.

Let’s continue to rethink how we can make it helpful again – housing, education, job training and serious help with mental health issues, all in one safe comfortable location.

Low-barrier housing isn’t probably a responsible decision, and, yes, eventually Anita Place would become busy once again.

I believe that once you get these folks on a healthy path, then, yes, we should make sure everyone has a place to live and support so that they can continue to live there and, at some point, be able to make better choices all on their own.

Right now, drugs and drug dealers are the No. 1 killers of someone’s precious family member.

Kathy Mang

Maple Ridge