Letters: ‘Open to solving problems’

What a better time than now to show the path for open thinking to solve our problems

Environment is a serious issue.

Environment is a serious issue.

Editor, The News:

Re: Time for modern thinking (In Education, March 17).

Congratulations to David Wang on his article.

What a better time than now to show the path for open thinking to solve our problems.

During the Maple Ridge film festival, I watched Fracture Land, telling the story of oil and gas exploitation in northern B.C. Although an excellent movie, it left me with a bitter  taste. Confrontational. Not fully productive.

Group A wants to built projects and create jobs for our children and grandchildren, by using our natural resources.

Group B wants to preserve the environment so future generations do have a place to live and not a contaminated and deadly planet.

Is A or  B the best we can do ?

Mr. Wang suggests we can do better.

As long as we keep this A vs. B attitude, we will be spinning our wheels and moving towards our self-destruction.

We need both A and B to  survive.

I read in Mr. Wang’s suggestion:  please stop the attacking, stop the posturing, it is really not helping.

Of course, I do not have the solution.

I do not know how to extract resources without polluting the environment.

But I will be happy if I am proven wrong.

All, please, listen to the other side and think hard on how we can create meaningful jobs and preserve our environment, so hard as if our survival depended on it, because it really does.

Alex Gidi

Maple Ridge