Letters: Put grow ops in industrial areas

Medical grow ops not wanted in residential neighbourhoods like Whonnock

Editor, The News:

Re: Medical grow not wanted in Whonnock (The News, March 25).

With regards to the monstrous, proposed medical marijuana grow operation planned for Whonnock, there is a distinct malodorous air to the whole affair.

It speaks to me of some shenanigans of the previous council that such an outrageous idea would be railroaded through with little consultation and the utmost secrecy.

After all, who in their right mind would approve the absurd idea of a huge grow op in the midst of an agricultural area?

Something is rotten in the manner in which this grow op was approved.

Not only will the ground water be at risk, and this in a community that draws it water from wells, but the very well-being of the residents may also be at risk.

The grow op should be in an industrial centre, where it surely belongs. Imagine having paid a million-plus for a home on acreage only to find out that your neighbour is going to build a structure the size of a large grocery store, that will pump pollutants into the atmosphere and the ground water?

In a public meeting, the owner of the grow up stated that the construction and implementation is a done deal.  I sincerely hope that this is not the case.

This is the first important test for the new city council. Are you or aren’t you going to make a stand against this form of arbitrary development, where dollars take precedence over the welfare of the community?

George Clarke

Maple Ridge