Letters: Questions for all candidates

Municipal election system here is very confusing since there are no districts.

Editor, The News:

Election turnout has been poor in prior years. I think part of it is the lack of hope people have that anything good can happen, so why bother.

But the municipal election system here is very confusing since there are no districts and we can’t vote for someone to represent us and our area concerns.

Instead, we’re voting for everyone. There are so many people running, and it takes just too much effort to learn about these people.

I would love to see – in hard copy print, that everyone can read – a summary with pictures of everyone running.

I would like to see something like the following breakdown of questions answered.

How long have they lived in Maple Ridge?

Which areas of Maple Ridge do they live in now?

What qualifications – education and experience – do they have?

The use of council status for personal agendas here has to stop because we are not a small town anymore

Can we ask age? We should be able to do so as it speaks to the kind of life experience and maturity this job needs.

Mind you, without qualifications and objectivity, the wisdom that should come with age may not have.

I wish we could ask where their loyalties lie.

Can we ask if they have any personal conflicts that would get in the way of voting in the best choices for Maple Ridge as a whole?

Can we ask about objectivity, put them on the spot?

I would think a good reporter could research some background and ask some tough questions, please.

Ask why are they running, what do they hope to do for  Maple Ridge and the good of all of its citizens.

Ask will they support the OCP? A recent issue came up regarding modular housing and only Mayor Ernie Daykin and Coun. Cheryl Ashlie voted to support the OCP, the plan upon which everyone invests their hard-earned money buying a home

Ask will they listen to the good council of the experts – the planners, who have the qualifications to decide such matters, as which land use is appropriate and where.

Wendy Blatta

Maple Ridge